A Tree Grows in Chinatown: The Opening

The opening reception for my show was a wonderful experience: the work looked beautiful, we had 40 – 50 guests, family, friends, acquaintances, who found the work moving and thoughtful. Some people told me they bawled over some of the pieces. I cry over some of them too, but that’s different.

Some random people who had taken the garden tour and were finishing with a cup of tea in the great hall, people who had nothing to do with me or my family, spent an hour or so looking at the work. One of the women I worked with at the garden told me that the average amount of time people look at a piece of art was 3 seconds (she also told me that for her first solo show 6 people came to the reception), so people spending an hour looking at 12 pieces of art is good.

I’m thinking of turning this show into a book.

Afterwards a bunch of friends and I went to the New Town Bakery/Restaurant  where we had dim sum and other Chinese-y snacks.

Yesterday was an exceptional day. Today I’m trying to organize my studio which is exceptional only in that I do it so rarely.

~ by thiscassandra on Sunday 13 December 2015.

3 Responses to “A Tree Grows in Chinatown: The Opening”

  1. Congratulations, and what a wonderful memorial!

  2. Hi. S, It’s lovely that you understood the memorial aspect of the show, because it was consciously done. At Chinese funerals everyone always gets a sweet to counteract the sourness of the death, and I had a bowl of candies there. I didn’t make people take one, but I made sure that everyone knew that it was there and available. For me the show was the final act of three – the service, the internment and the show as memorial – for sending my mother off on her next adventure. vl

    • So much art is about memory and loss (however that is framed), but this seemed very much that way. I hope you had several sweet bites and your mother has a great adventure.

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