A Tree Grows in Chinatown: Good Mother


Title: A Tree Grows n Chinatown: Good Mother; Size: 10″ x 10″; Media: Acrylic Ink, Silk, on canvas

Today’s soundtrack is Yo-Yo Ma playing Ennnio Morricone movie music – oh such gorgeous sentimentality.

Yo-Yo Ma playing Ennio Morricone movie music was also the soundtrack of my mother’s memorial yesterday afternoon. It wasn’t a service, really the only thing that could be considered service was the catering. I chose to not have anybody at the front of the room pretending to have known my mother well enough to speak about her, not even one of us.

I foresaw a new tradition, a new ritual where we, the family and friends, would get together in the reception room where we would eat things (little sandwiches, tapas, little cakes, seafood and candy – the Hy Chews were a particular success) and drink things (coffee, tea, water and lemonade), and we would talk with each other, sometimes about her and sometimes not, while she lay in her casket in the chapel next door. Some folks would venture next door to visit with her, but mostly folks would visit with one another.

It was a success, nobody complained about the lack of tradition, and everybody was glad to see everybody else. My mother’s extended family is big, and we don’t get to see one another very often. It seems that we are using funerals in lieu of family reunions.

ps. I recommend Yo-Yo Ma playing Ennio Morricone movie music, it’s marvelous.

~ by thiscassandra on Tuesday 1 September 2015.

2 Responses to “A Tree Grows in Chinatown: Good Mother”

  1. It’s definitely my impression that that’s what people really want. I saw people at mom’s funeral whom I hadn’t seen in 30 years and a lot of them just wanted to see me and my brother.

    Glad you were able to commemorate in the way that best suited you.

    • Hi, S. Yes, they really do. They really need reassurance that the next generation along is still there. I was a bit surprised at just how small my mother became (also the aunts and uncles), and how much she needed me, but that is the way of time and tide. vl

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