Writing 101 exercise: Stream of Consciousness for 20 minutes

Marlene and I went to a concert at the Chan Centre out at UBC this evening, Chris Thile and Edgar Meyer; two Macarthur fellows playing in the most beautiful music venue in Vancouver. Chris Thile even made note that it was the first date of a month long tour, and what better place to start it than in “this insanely beautiful place”.  The acoustics are so perfect, he said that “I can’t wait to hear how the next note sounds”.

He was right, the music sounded insanely clear and beautiful. Why is it that this venue has such lush and clear sound, and most of the other venues have such unclear and murky sound? I don’t know.

Today an appraiser came to appraise the value of my apartment. I’ve applied for a secured line of credit so that I can purchase the apartment next door. I’ll be moving my mother in so that I can be of more help to her without taxing myself too much. Her health issues mean she needs more from me, and my health issues mean that I can’t give much more energy. So we compromise and move her next to me. Separate homes side by side. I think it’ll work.

I’m not sure how long she’ll live, she fades away then fades more.  Recently her kidney function dropped quite significantly, from 22 to 14%, which is a big drop. She doesn’t want dialysis, so who knows what happens next. Her kidney function fluctuates a bit, having gone down to 16 then back up to 22%. Maybe it’ll go back up above 20%.

In my health world, I have a tumour or something in one of my lungs which is suspected to be malignant. I have to go for surgery. I hope to have my mother installed next door before the surgery, but I’m not optimistic about this. I don’t know how that will play out.

So a short list of stuff that’s happening in my life: application for secured line of credit on current apartment, application for mortgage on new apartment, apartment purchase, moving mother into new apartment, surgery, and selling mother’s house.

Not to mention all the creative stuff I should be doing. I applied some paint to some canvases yesterday, and considered a series of paintings of seasons. Tomorrow I have a Telus/Primus technician coming to install a dry loop, and the time period quoted is “Somewhere between 8 am and 5 pm.” That was as narrow a window as they could give me. I have an important meeting at a Chinatown institution regarding a possible show there and…

~ by thiscassandra on Wednesday 17 September 2014.

3 Responses to “Writing 101 exercise: Stream of Consciousness for 20 minutes”

  1. Wow. Prayers for you both. I can see why you’d say your energy is stretched to its limits.

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