Corvus Longa

ImageA woman bought one of the Sipapu Bridge Trailhead raven magnets today – most people assume it is a crow, so I mentioned that it was a raven and not a crow, to which she said, “I know, I live with a raven”.

I asked her a bit about her raven, and she told me he was a African Pied Crow/raven hybrid, and he was born in America, that he was two years old and that he would live to be 25 – 50 years old.

I told her the story of my meeting, in the Sipapu Bridge Trailhead parking lot in Natural Bridges National Monument, with the Sipapu Bridge raven. I was driving through the desert in Southern Utah, and marveling at how very much the landscape could change every ten or fifteen minutes. Image

That day I had started driving in Moab, where the land is an almost bloody red, and I had driven about 100 miles to a place where the land was scrubby and brown. The sedimentary desert eroded by the wind is a miracle of changing landscape.

I told her that I had found him sitting on the Sipapu Bridge Trailhead sign, and how I had thought I should like to take some photos of him. I had put the request to him, silently of course, to stay and let me take some pictures, and of how he had stayed on the sign and how he had posed for me until I had bent to put the camera away. I said, “And when I stood up, he was gone.” She said, “He knew his job was done.”

The woman went away, and about an hour later she came back with a pack on her back. In the pack was her raven, Corvus; she had brought him to show me.

corvus-visitsShe took Corvus out of his pack, and held his leads, and placed him on her wrist, He turned out to be an extremely handsome bird, preening a bit with all the attention he was getting from the people who gathered around to admire him. He posed for photos, and he let me touch him, nipping at my shiny thumb ring as it moved past his beak.

I feel so honoured that the woman thought to bring her raven to meet me today, and everyone else felt honoured too. What a wonderful experience.

~ by thiscassandra on Sunday 9 February 2014.

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