Art Every Day 102: Separate and Composite

other-crow-tree-originalI have said that I would post some of the source images that I use to make some of my work. This is the source image for the original of the print from yesterday (Art Every Day 101). The others who attended the Write for Rights event yesterday had such positive reactions to the cards I brought (printed in autumn 2010) that I feel inspired to rework that image and to do some screen printing.

other-crow-tree-enhancedIn Photoshop Elements I took the original file and, after correcting for the poor lighting, got a version with enhanced visibility. other-crow-tree-2013-negati


I separated what I saw as the two parts of the image, the negative space tree in white and the tree details in black, from one another (the blue is a separate layer to show the white). These two layers will be used to burn the screens. In PSE the three layers (black, white and blue) were superimposed to approximate the final image.other-crow-tree-2013-compos

~ by thiscassandra on Saturday 14 December 2013.

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