Art Every Day 101: Writing for Rights

Art Every Day 101: Writing for Rights

One of my friends has an annual event in conjunction with Amnesty International’s annual event, Write for Rights, to support and commemorate International Human Rights Day (Dec 10).

Amnesty International provides lists of case sheets, and suggestions for communication, letters to politicians and bureaucrats who may have some effect on outcomes, cards to individuals, and we get together and write these letters and make up cards (for more info go here:

Anyway, in years past, we made cards from cardstock and bits of paper and glitter, and I am really not good at that kind of impromptu “let’s glue things together and make beautiful art” kind of art, and I felt a little self-conscious that the cards that I was sending out into the world were not beautiful. My self-consciousness effected my enjoyment of the event and the process. so last year I started bringing some of my reject prints to make into cards. It was a big hit, and now we just send cards that I make and bring, and I feel happily able to participate without self-consciousness.

This year’s card is today’s photo.

~ by thiscassandra on Friday 13 December 2013.

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