Art Every Day 097

Art Every Day 097

Title: Wisdom 001; Size: 5×7; Media: Acrylic paint, paper, ink, acetate

Wisdom is an old image never before used in a shadow panel, so its number is 001. I’ve named this one Wisdom because this crow looks contemplative. How does that lead to wisdom, you ask?

I was once given a scroll, written in Chinese by a master calligrapher, that was translated to mean something like: “if you remain alone and contemplative, you will attain wisdom.”

No promises, but wisdom is a pretty strong lure for me. I have spent much of my life being emotionally stupid, doing or saying things that I know, I know, I know are unwise to do or say. I welcome any wisdom or hope of wisdom that I can get.

One part of wisdom is using things that I have, and I happen to have a lot of stuff, including a bunch of old frames that are not being used. Among these old frames I had a pile of Ikea clips frames into which I have built shadow panels; Wisdom 001 is one of these. I know that Ikea clips frames are cheap, but I’m okay with that. I don’t charge much for my work (though the prices are going up in one of the venues that sells the work), and I often put the individual shadow panels into old wood frames that I’ve bought at thrift stores (and refreshed a bit), so is it really so different to build them into Ikea frames of the seventies or eighties? Maybe not, we’ll see.

I’m also experimenting with building bigger shadow panels, seeing if they still work when large. I’m in the middle of making one that fits into a 14 and a half inch square frame that desperately needs to be refinished. I took the shadow panels to a shop that doesn’t yet carry my work, and the owner asked for bigger. I’m refinishing the frame right now.

Today’s perfect song is “Ever So Lonely” (the Hindi version) by Monsoon (featuring Sheila Chandra). There’s something quite wonderful about the combination of the sitar, the drums and the voice in this song.

~ by thiscassandra on Saturday 7 December 2013.

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