Art on Some, But Not All (Though Perhaps Most), Days

Art on Some, But Not All (Though Perhaps Most), Days

Today at the Arts & Crafts Market I sold enough work that I felt that it was worth my while to be there and not in the studio working. Art working has been a bit disheartening lately – I have been learning to paint, and though I know how to apply paint to surfaces, my paintings, like my drawings, are flat and awkward and look static, lacking in scintillation. Who knew that learning to capture gesture would turn out to be so important?

At the market, Richard Shorty, a fellow artist who enjoys my candles, stopped by; he had just bought some of those cellophane bags that prints live in, and we chatted as he put the prints into the bags, about his process: how he makes his originals (paints them), how the prints are produced (contracts out the printing work) and the colours he uses (as natural as can be for the subject). He showed me the original paintings he had in his folio, and then he came upon this print (Raven Trickster) which had a bit of damage on the edges and some dirty areas, and he handed it to me saying, “Here’s something for your wall.” Then went on to tell me it wasn’t numbered. It may not be numbered, and it may be a bit damaged and dirty, but still, what a gift.

Richard Shorty has always, in my experience, been a generous artist. The first time we met was in an Aboriginal owned art gallery/coffee shop that I go to sometimes when I have time before or after medical appointments in the neighbourhood. Richard sells stuff there, cards and small prints, and that day, while he was there, a woman bought one of his cards.

Richard said to her, “That’s one of my cards, I’ll sign it for you,” and made the woman’s day, or maybe her week or month. I didn’t speak to Richard, but I left the coffee shop basking in the lesson I’d learned in connecting with your audience.

The very next day I was walking from my home studio Jackson near Hastings, around the corner and past the Raven Arts Studio space, when I happened to look inside and saw Richard working. I went in and told him that I thought it was a lovely gesture for him to sign that woman’s card for her, and he was delighted that I’d stopped by to comment. We talked a bit, and since then we have been friendly.

Richard doesn’t work in the Raven Arts Studio space anymore, and I don’t live on Jackson near Hastings anymore, so we don’t run into each other as often as we used to. That said, he may start being one of the artists at the Arts & Crafts Market in Woodward’s on Saturdays. Proximity to an artist who is successful and generous might be a good influence on me, encourage me to work harder and better, and to be more generous. I need this.

~ by thiscassandra on Saturday 19 October 2013.

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