Thanks for all the Gifts

ImageThere’s gifts and then there’s GIFTS. This post will define how I differentiate between them.

First are the gifts that barely rate the title, those thoughtless things given to you by people who feel obligated to give you a gift, but neither know you nor care to know you, e.g., your brother, who says stuff like “I want to meet your girlfriend cuz I want to see what kind of loser would go out with you,” and his wife, who probably doesn’t hate you.One Christmas my ex received a present from his brother and sister-in-law:  a molded rubber Frankenstein head with a circular hole where its mouth should be. It was designed as a shower head, but it might have functioned better as a blow job accessory for Frankenstein fetishists. The scenario would be something like this: Person A fits penis A through hole that is mouth of Frankenstein, Person B does things to penis A while thinking something like, “Oh, I’m kissing Frankenstein. Oh, he has such a big tongue. Oh, I want his tongue deep inside me.” I don’t have a Frankenstein fetish, so we never tried this. Ah, we were so vanilla at the time. Maybe they knew us better than we thought, but still, would you really want your estranged brother to buy your sex toys for you?

Anyway, we didn’t give it a try it as an ersatz third person in our menage. Also, I didn’t take a photo of it. I wish I had a photo of it.

GIFTS are things that come to us, usually exactly as needed, and often unexpected, true GIFTS.

An example: I don’t knit much at all these days, but when I was living in Montreal I was knitting a lot. One day I was in a knitting shop in the mall near Berry UQAM metro station (across St Hubert) and I bought two sets of knitting pins, one 3 mm and the other 4 mm. I had never seen pins like these, flexible like circular needles, but in a pair, like pins. Unusual.

Anyway, about four years ago I took on two back to back volunteer shifts at the local Car Free Day celebration. Volunteering at Car Free Day, it is almost regulation to cycle there, so I packed up my panier, filling it with something to eat and drink in case I should get hungry and/or thirsty, and something to do in case I should be bored. I hadn’t been doing much knitting, but I put my knitting kit together to bring with me. I packed up one of the abandoned projects, and the 4 mm unusual knitting pins, and as I did, I thought, “I wish I had a set of these in 6.5 mm. Why didn’t I buy some in bigger sizes?”

My first shift was at the volunteer centre, so I parked my bike on Charles Street, east of Commercial Drive, just a few steps away from the volunteer centre. There really wasn’t much to do, and the time passed a bit quickly, and soon, it was time for me to head to my second shift.

I walked to my second shift, four blocks away at Gravely and Cotton, where I stood at a corner and tried to ensure that cars did not knock down the barricades and enter the car-free area. I have to say that some car drivers really didn’t seem to understand the reasons for the barricade. and one of them even drove towards me as I gestured for him to stop and back away, and kept coming until I shouted “So are you going to run me down or what?”

While at the corner of Gravely and Cotton, trying not to be run over, trying to keep the cars on the far side of the barricade, I got out the knitting project and knit exactly one row, and then decided that I really did not enjoy knitting while standing up, so I packed it all up and put it away, and stood there ever diligent, waiting for the cars.

At the end of my shift someone came to relieve me of my post, so I walked back to get my bike. Now I don’t really know the people who run the Car-Free Day, I have met a few of them, but I could barely even define them as acquaintances. I also don’t live on Commercial Drive, so really don’t know anybody over there, and nobody knows me, and I don’t ride my bike very often, so nobody knows my bike, but when I got back to the bike, I found something stuck under the bungees on the rack. It was a pair of knitting pins, size 6.5 mm, standard pins, but still. How often do you ask for something, and the universe gives a slightly different version of it to you the same day, within five hours?

This was a GIFT

~ by thiscassandra on Friday 16 August 2013.

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