Studly Nerd List Addenda

Seven years ago I wrote a post about something that I called Studly Nerds, “the pin up boy for the woman who knows how to make good decisions” (, and I included a list of all the studly nerds I could identify, which included: Leonard Cohen (poet); Steven Colbert (comedian); Wade Davis (ethnobotanist); Jason Isaacs (actor); Gerard Kennedy (politician); Rick Mercer (comedian); Hawkeye Pierce (as played by Alan Alda); Alan Rickman (actor); Jon Stewart (comedian).

That list was then, and this is now. It is high time for me to update the list to include some new ones.

The addenda are:

Richard Armitage (actor);

John Barrowman (actor);

Benedict Cumberbatch (actor);

Robert Downey Jr (actor);

Neil Gaiman (writer);

kd lang (singer);

David Tennant (actor).


~ by thiscassandra on Sunday 23 June 2013.

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