I, Art-Maker

I’ve been looking for a group to be part of for a long time. I’ve found temporary groups, but never anything permanent. Still looking.

I’ve been living the artistic life lately, but I’m not comfortable with the classification “artist”, so I’ve been thinking about labels. Artist? No, I just can’t see myself developing a concept that will serve to clarify and inform my work that clearly. Craftsperson? No, this term brings up for me the idea of useful things made with skill (possibly great) but not of fine materials. Artiste? Yuck. Artisan? Maybe, except this brings to mind funky factories that produce small batches of cheese made of unpasteurized milk, and I do not make cheese.

Opera singers use the term “voice-maker” to refer to themselves, and I like the idea of not limiting self to creating/producing one type of song. Voice maker.

Artistically, I am a print maker. I take interesting images and refine them, and combine them, and I apply them to unexpected surfaces. I then make art from them.

I am an art-maker.

~ by thiscassandra on Thursday 7 April 2011.

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