A Fan of All Seasons

This is some of the current work that I’m making – A Fan of All Seasons 4. Size is 16 by 20 inches. Media is mixed – self printed fabric, bamboo, india ink, butcher paper.

I’m pretty pleased with this series of work. I made the first iteration of these fans to be donated to a silent auction/fund-raiser, and was so entranced by the beauty of it that I didn’t want to give it up. So I made more of them, three so far, and when I showed one of them to Mary, she asked if I thought it was my signature piece. I think this is worthy of consideration.

I’m having an excellent art week. I was able to purchase all the components for making the spray booth for far less than I expected. I was able to make good decisions regarding the presentation of  the fans. I was able to put together and sent my information packet to the PR person for the Eastside Culture Crawl; while putting the info packet together, I read through it, and realized that I have a pretty interesting back story for my art – not a bad thing to see about yourself. I attended a media event at the Fairmont Waterfront Hotel (Honey Harvest) to promote the Beehive Project. Both I and the beehive I decorated appeared on the national news (uncredited), I stooping to get a sample of honey fresh from the honey extractor (yum – entirely unlike honey from the store) and the hive next to the beekeeper as he was interviewed. While at the event I spoke with Judy, the Fairmont PR woman, who gushed that I’m a great artist and that working with me was a great pleasure. She got very excited when I told her how much fun the Beehive Project was, and that it would be great to work on other art projects with her, and that I’m an Eastside Culture Crawl artist this year. She said she’d love to come see the new art, and I think she meant it at least a little. Later she sent a message that Montecristo magazine has a small write up about the Beehive Project, and that the beehive I decorated appears in the photo (also uncredited).

I am learning that one of the benefits of working on projects with high profile self-promoting clients or involving yourself with high profile events is that your work is promoted (credited or not) while the projects or events are promoted. A good lesson to learn.

~ by thiscassandra on Tuesday 28 September 2010.

One Response to “A Fan of All Seasons”

  1. hi – remember ‘locating space’ on typepad? it’s me. i see you haven’t posted in a while, but i’m glad i found you. i miss your writings.

    i have a new home – also on wordpress. i also miss my old readers.


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