Modern Living Continuum

This saved January 28, 2009:

I saw the Modern Life Girl this sunny afternoon, and she is not looking good. She has a scab on her nose, and some scrapes and bruises on the rest of her face. As is her tendency, she asked for money, so that has not changed. As is my tendency, I did not give her money, but did offer to give her the apple tart that I’d just bought. That much also hasn’t changed.

I’ve been trying to finish writing a story about her, and in the story that character’s name is June. Today I introduced myself and asked her name and she said, “It’s Yuin (rhymes with June), spelt Y-U-I-N.”

Not bad. I was able to almost get her name out of the air. This is not the only time something like this has happened. While still in high school I went to a concert where I met a dancing queer boy named Ted. I developed an instantaneous crush (that also hasn’t changed), but didn’t ask his last name. From the air I got Narjal as his last name, and was certain that that was it. Well, it turned out that we had mutual friends, and one of them told me his last name was Marshall. Not exactly Narjal, but not far off.

~ by thiscassandra on Sunday 31 May 2009.

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