Hip Replacement

My two-year-old (ancient) Thinkpad has never worked reliably. Since spring the keyboard had only worked intermittently (particularly the space-bar, of no great consequence, I know), and it started to switch over to wireless connections that I have set up for the hotels where I have stayed (I have never been able to find and delete these connections), and it randomly shifts one tab to the left or right when I am typing e-mails in Firefox. The machine has always randomly switched to a mysterious keyboard where if I hit the comma key (with or without the shift key) I get a less-than-sign (I have never been able to figure out how to get the regular keyboard back, so I just give it a time out). Honestly, I have never liked my two-year-old Thinkpad much and, more than that, I distrust it. It has never worked reliably and has never exceeded expectation.

The two-year-old Thinkpad has spent the last four or so months just limping along, so it’s time for it to go to the hospital for major surgery – effectively a quadruple bypass and a hip replacement. I don’t want to live without a computer while it’s gone, so this is a good time to buy another machine. I don’t want to use Vista – I resent having to upgrade my already bloated software with even more bloated software, and then finding huge problems with the function of the new versions, or finding that file extensions have changed so files are not compatible with earlier versions – so I’ve decided to cross over and I have ordered a MacBook.

My new MacBook is part of a back to school promotion at the Bookstore of the university where I work: I get a mid-range machine for a greatly reduced price, and with it I get a free iPod touch and a free Canon colour printer/scanner/copier (rather I pay for them and the companies refund my purchase price – I already have the same printer, but I can sell it or give it away). Who, in the market for a new computer, could say no to such a deal?.

I haven’t had regular access to a Mac since moving away from the Friendly Studio more than eight years ago. My ex was and remains a Mac user. I, on the other hand, have had to use PCs for work since December 93 (and still do), so switching back to Mac is a big deal for me.  The start date of my first official job at my university was October 15, 1990, which was, coincidentally the date that the Mac Classic was released. I didn’t start using Mac immediately, but after a few months I started using a Classic that didn’t have an internal hard drive. I had a 40 MB external hard drive that I had to turn on before I booted up the machine or the machine wouldn’t notice it and I’d have to start all over again. I wonder if the MacBook will have an internal hard drive.

Soon after release date, the Classic II replaced the Classic. It had an internal hard drive (40 MB) and was able to record sound shots. I found a mic and recorded myself saying “Hey, you!” (my signature greeting back then) and used it as the standard warning sound. The Classic II said “Hey, you!” to me every time I did something that it didn’t like, which was often. Maybe the MacBook will be able to record sound too.

Both the Classic and the Classic II were monochrome machines, and they were great for word-processing and spreadsheets, simple office stuff, at a slow and steady pace. I am crossing my fingers that the MacBook will have lots of colours and will be able to do all kinds of stuff more quickly and more reliably than the two-year-old Thinkpad. I liked the two Classics – I trusted them to work as they were expected to, and maybe they even surpassed my expectations. I hope that the MacBook will please me as much as the Classics did.

~ by thiscassandra on Sunday 17 August 2008.

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  1. Tell us about the racoons!

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