Two Weeks Farther On

My new job is demanding, but all the stuff I learned while working at my previous job has served me well and I have survived the first two weeks. We are going through some expansion – moving to a building that is three times as big as our current place and is even closer to my house than our current location (8 minute walk rather than 10 – how great is that), and I am the person responsible for the renos and the move. I have other responsibilities as well, to keep the place up and running, but the move is my priority.

The new building is in Chinatown and was built 20 years ago. It was designed to fit in with the surrounding structures – it looks vaguely Asian, the facing is red brick, it has three floors and it used to be a bank (so we have a fire proof vault to store our weekly backups). It looks a bit like a bigger and fancier version of my house.

My old job was located in the basement of a hospital. We had no windows, no fresh air, no natural light. Right now my desk is located right beside a ground floor window that looks over Main Street. In the new place, my desk is to be located on the second floor next to a huge open stairwell/skylight/lightwell that is approximately the size of the largest room in my house. Cynthia, my boss, wants to grow food in the stairwell, and to have a garden up on the roof (eventually). This jibes well with my plans to green all horizontal surfaces that are under my purview…

I am thrilled.

~ by thiscassandra on Saturday 9 August 2008.

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