MetaMorphosis – Now that’s a Convertible

My mother and I were invited to Sunday dinner at the home of Art, one of her Richmond brothers, so that she and I could hang out with my three Richmond cousines, all of whom happen to be in town, two from Manhattan and one from Edmonton. These are seriously beautiful women, and accomplishedl: Kelley, daughter of Doug; Michele, daughter of Art (favourite of my grandmother); and Tammy, daughter of Art. Between them they have five children, and three interesting lives, and I have always felt like the ugly duckling-Bart Simpson cousin in comparison to them. Oh well, that is neither here nor there.

I belong to a Car Co-op and I book cars as necessary. I have favourite cars, and on Sunday I used the white convertible Smart Car which is one of my absolute favourites – I love this car. What’s not to love about a small car that’s cute, easy on gas and fun to drive? Nothing.

The white convertible Smart Car lives in stall 67 – in underground parking beneath a downtown condo complex called Electric Avenue – which is reserved for it 24 hours per day. Last night, when I took the little white Smart Car home to stall 67, there was a honking huge brand new black BMW X6 SUV parked there, nose to the wall, in our reserved space, so after a bit of confusion, I parked in stall 70 and phoned the Car Coop to confirm the stall number and to find out if I could park the car in another space.

I gave them the info about the big black car, and they told me that they would call the towing company, but I’d have to wait around and show the car to the tow truck driver and sign off after he finished hooking up. So I waited.
I didn’t feel good about this, I’d never had any one towed before and I didn’t really want to do it at all. I went up to Earl’s restaurant (stall 67 is surrounded by free parking for Earl’s) and told the front door staff that the car was being towed and they told me they had no public announcement system, but thanked me for making an effort to let them know. I considered changing my booking so that I’d keep the car and return it in the morning when the BMW was sure to be gone, but I didn’t. I just waited for the tow truck.

When the tow truck arrived the driver told me that he’d never towed a BMW X6 before, so he was really stoked, really looking forward to it, really excited. While he was working on it, two guys walked past and said “Are you really having it towed?” I shrugged and said, “I have to. They’re parked in our space.” Then they cheered me on for being assertive with my parking and having it towed. The tow truck driver beamed and thanked me as I signed the paper. Then he drove away, taking the big black BMW X6 SUV with him. I backed into stall 67, put the key away, and walked out of there, almost an hour after I first drove in, feeling okay.

Having thought about it, I now feel even better: these people are going to approach stall 67 and notice that the butt end of their big black BMW X6 SUV isn’t visible. They will panic more and more, and then when they get to stall 67, they’re going to find a tiny white convertible Smart Car parked nose out where they left their car. They’ll freak out. It’ll seem to them like their car lost 60% of its value, changed colour, shrunk, turned into a ragtop and turned itself around.

Ha ha. I loved it. I love sticking it to the BMW SUV drivers, and I would pay big money to hear them and to see the looks on their faces as they approach stall 67. I would pay even bigger money to hear and see them just after they arrive. I love this. What’s not to love about confounding people (who have quite likely been drinking) by apparently converting their absurdly ostentatious and wasteful vehicles into cute little sensible cars? Nothing.

~ by thiscassandra on Tuesday 8 July 2008.

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