Pender Street, Mid-winter

Mary-d-art-trans I know how rivetting I find my own art to be, but I don't really trust my own objectivity, and always want to get other peoples' opinions. So I took yesterday's art (now named Pender Street, Mid-winter) to work with me and showed it to seven people . Everyone seemed to think it was beautiful and two people wanted to buy it or some version of it. Approximately one third of viewers seriously interested in purchase. Not bad.

With these reactions in mind, I took it to The Fall, the tattoo, art, etc., shop of Paul, my much tattooed friend, to get some feedback from him, a dealer of art and other esoterica, a paid professional. He was working on the left bicep of his friend Rob when I arrived - I've met Rob a few times, most recently in CostCo where he introduced me to his wife Chris – so I chatted with them for a bit, then I said I wanted to get their feedback on the art. Paul has told me before that he wants to sell my work in his shop, but I have never done any work that was editionable. This work is editionable, I said as I took the packet out of my bag. Paul stopped what he was doing and moved his chair closer to where I was, and Rob leaned in. I had their complete attention.

I unwrapped the parcel, and held it up. They whooped in pleasure. They loved it, raved about it, commented on everything about it. Paul even called Josh, his business partner over to check it out, and the discussion went from there: if I make more of them and am willing to sell them, Paul wants to hang them in his shop and sell them on consignment. I've never tried to sell my art before but I think it's time for me to try.

I think I'm ready – well, I'm certainly thrilled at the positive responses I've been getting. I think they're the crush of the day.

It's time.

~ by thiscassandra on Monday 9 June 2008.

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