Deposit Troubles Here

I am in the bank waiting in line to deposit the rent monies, two cheques and some cash. A woman behind me is a bit fidgetty; she seems a bit shifty, but she doesn’t seem to be completely under the influence of “conditions” as some people in the neighbourhood are.

I get to the teller and hand her the cash and cheques. Because the cheque from Kyle, the new roomer, is drawn on another branch of the same bank, the teller has to compare the signatures. She goes to the signature file to check the signature on the cheque against the file signature…

While she is gone, I watch the woman who was behind me in line and who is at the next teller. She is having some trouble: when she’d arrived at the wicket, she’d been careful to look around and see who was watching, then she’d pulled a balled up wad of paper from her pocket and she’d carefully smoothed it with her hands. It looked like US currency, but pale. She’d handed it to the teller and told him she wanted to deposit it to her account.

The teller had taken the bill from her and smoothed it more, and he’d examined it, and he’d turned it over, and he’d examined the other side, then he’d smoothed it some more. Then he’d said, “I’m sorry, but I can’t deposit this for you.”

When she’d said, “Why not? It’s worth a million dollars”, he’d said, “I don’t know what currency it is.”

She’d taken it back from him, smoothed it some more, squinted at it, then pointed at a place and said, “U.S. It says “U.S.” right here.”

He’d taken it back from her, and pointed and said “It has a website name here. The United States doesn’t make currency in denominations higher than a thousand.”

There was a bit more attempted persuasion on her part, but her teller was firm, he was not going to accept this money from her.

My teller comes back to tell me that the signatures don’t match. I try a little persuasion on her, but fail: she is new and she is adamant – she isn’t going to risk the trouble she might get into for depositing the cheque, even though the current balance on the account is far more than the amount of the cheque. Drat, while it is true that I’ll have to make another trip to the back, I just have to get Kyle to sign the cheque with the old signature or change his signature on file or to give me cash. It is annoying, but not unfixable. I am disappointed, but not nearly as disappointed as the woman with the million dollar bill.

~ by thiscassandra on Tuesday 3 June 2008.

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