More Raffle Gab

I am really good at selling raffle tickets, but have never had the best of luck at winning raffles. Well, not entirely true. In my college days I won $100 as a door prize for attending a student council meeting, and twelve years ago my now-ex-but-then-partner won a weekend stay in a bed and breakfast on Saltspring Island called the "Blue Ewe". These were good prizes.

We have a temp at work, Eleni. I like Eleni: she gets my sense of humour, so I think she's smarter than the other temps we've had. All the temps have been pretty smart, but this one shines. Well, she laughs at my stories of little or no consequence, and that makes her special in my books.

Friday Eleni told me that the group that she's involved with was having a raffle to raise funds for some good cause or other, and asked if I wanted to buy a ticket. I told her that I didn't have much luck with raffles and told her about the ECU raffle wins (see Raffle Gab or Prizing the "CH" Food Group), the prizes that I could not or would not use, which she appreciated. That said, I bought two tickets.

The chicken chip and dip plate, the most recent ECU raffle prize, has been sitting on the shelf in my office since December, so I showed it to her. She laughed and said that the group had some big prizes, but they were all just gathering random small prizes and asked me to donate it, which I did. Then she laughed and said, "The draw is this evening, maybe you'll win it back."

This morning she told me that I hadn't drawn the chicken chip and dip plate back (whew – but wouldn't that have been a great continuation), but I had won a bottle of white wine which she would bring tomorrow. Now, I don't want to look a proverbial gift horse in the proverbial mouth, but I don't have alcohol digesting flora and fauna, I was never able to get myself past the throwing-up-when-drinking stage, so gave up. I don't even bother to try any more.

~ by thiscassandra on Monday 2 June 2008.

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