5pm: go to Macdonald's Prescriptions to pickup 6 bottles of Professional Care skin lotion for my mother; fetch car; drive; get stuck in the traffic trying to cross Cambie at 12th;

6pm: arrive at mother's house; sit down; organize her meds for the next four weeks; give her the lotion; sign the paper work for the new mortgage/secured line of credit;

7pm: take mother for dinner at the Congee Noodle house; take mother home;

8pm: drive home; arrive home; unlock deadbolt; open door; deadbolt won't lock again; take lock apart and try to fix it; nothing works;

9pm: call locksmith who asks "Do you need to get it done tonight?"; I ask the price difference, and he tells me it costs 185 to get it done this evening, 135 to get it done tomorrow; I wonder why I ask because the price difference is trivial - considering the necessity of a functioning lock and that there is no time to get it done tomorrow; so I wait for the locksmith;

10pm: locksmith comes and installs a new deadbolt, gives me the two keys that came with the lock, but doesn't have a key-cutting machine in his truck so can't make any more;

11pm: talk to the flatmates about the new lock and the two keys – one of them offers to get a key made for the other in the early morning;

12am: go to bed;

1am: sleep, perhaps dream;

2am: sleep, perhaps dream;

3am: sleep, perhaps dream;

4am: sleep, perhaps dream;

5am: sleep, perhaps dream;

6am: wake; shower; eat;

7am: leave the house, try to go to the locksmith to get keys made, but it doesn't open until  8am; settle for getting five keys made at the yuppie Home Depot – where the clerks are so heavily scented that to escape the perfume induced migraine and asthma I stand by the wheelbarrows with their rubber tires and risk the rubber-smell induced migraine;

8am: pick up two cinnamon buns at Solly's around the corner from the Home Depot; return car;

9am: get the shuttle bus to CFRI; run into Angel the untrainable support staff; meet with Genny and Bruce;

10am: doctor appointment – my meeting with Genny and Bruce goes a bit over time, so I'm a bit late; when I see the doctor, I cry because she is retiring soon and she has been part of the team for 15 years;

11am: go to meet Weronika to give the cheque for the returned security deposit;

12pm: run into Ru at the coffee shop in the lobby of the hospital; Amy comes to take me to lunch at the Cafe D-Lite. Chicken Laksa noodle soup – yummy;

1pm: lunch and gossip with Amy about the recent trip to Singapore; she shows me photos and gives me a packet of prepared Laksa mix;

2pm: Amy drops me at Joanne's place for tea with Joanne (and cinnamon buns);

3pm: watch Dr. Phil with Joanne (my first time), then head home;

4pm: arrive home and test the keys – of the five, one opens the lock, three scrape their way in to the lock, but they open it, and one doesn't open the lock at all; I look at the keys and note that, although they're similar, no two are alike;

5pm: Kyle, the new flatmate, comes bearing money and no luggage – his plan is to move in in a week or so; Kyle is a 26 year old Buddhist (Tibetan – red hat),  who appears to be much older than he is; I wonder what he'll be like when he's twice his age.

Unlike Jack Bauer I'm not out to save the free world, so I am able to take time to eat and sleep, not to mention dealing with personal hygiene (not just when I'm covered with my own or someone else's blood) and home maintenance issues.

~ by thiscassandra on Saturday 17 May 2008.

One Response to “24”

  1. Somehow comforting to know that others experience the same sort of days. Eventually they’ll kill us, but in the meantime they’ll make us stronger. Bert

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