An Auspicious Celebration

Today is my mother’s 75th birthday – a month or so ago I asked what she wanted to do for her birthday, and she said she wanted to be taken out for dinner, and so I started planning. I asked who she wanted to invite, and she wanted me and my brother with her, and my friends, and her brother (and his girlfriend) and their cousin (and her two kids).

We went to her favourite Chinese restaurant, the Pink Pearl (always tasty),  which can seat 600 people. Sometimes when we go there, the portable wall – which splits the restaurant in half – is up, and there’s some sort of special event on one side and regular dining on the other side. This evening was one of those evenings, and we just saw an occasional young person dressed in some shiny silk or satin outfit. Shiny.

About halfway through our meal, the wait staff opened the wall right in front of our table and we were able to read the sign “4th Anniversary Banquet for Wushu Society”, and several young people – men and women – gathered in a line, and put on their lion outfits to dance.

There were five sets of lions leaping and dancing, tails wagging, in turn. Then all five danced simultaneously, worrying at the lettuce offerings.

What an auspicious birthday gift: five leaping lions.

~ by thiscassandra on Saturday 26 April 2008.

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