Crasian Woman II


Just after midnight the other night I heard some low whispering outside my door. There’s often whispering outside my door, so I didn’t pay much attention. Then the banging on the door started up – louder than any banging should have been. The door is metal and I have a bunch of magnets and stuff on it; a few magnets fell off the door and things on the shelves around the door were tinkling and falling. Then the doorbell started to ring and ring and ring, crazily ringing, stopping as I turned on the light to head upstairs.

Where thisCastle is located, in the Downtown Eastside, you might not want to open the door late at night when someone bangs on it or rings the doorbell repeatedly. As well, the windows on the main floor are frosted and you can’t see outside through them, so when I want to check out what’s going on out there, I go upstairs and open one of the windows, lean out a bit and look down. The other night when I got upstairs Stuart was doing exactly that; he was saying "Go to the other door." and when I asked him who it was, he said "The police." So I headed back downstairs to talk to them.

In the almost four years since I moved here I have never before spoken to the police except for the time I called about a nasty fight that was going on in the lane – a man threatening and beating on a woman. When the police arrived the fight was over, and the two were gone, so the police rang my doorbell and asked what I had heard and seen, and I told them. I don’t often call the police, but when I hear or see violence, especially man on woman, I call.

Anyway, last night I went back downstairs and opened the door to a young policeman, not one of the pretty blonde policeboys, but a slim bald one and his partner who wanted to know who was in the house; they were looking for a missing South Asian young man named Nadir, and they’d had a tip that he was in thisCastle, behind the door that never gets used. I told them there was no one fitting that description in the house and they took my word for it and went away.

That said, when talking with them I was so flustered that I couldn’t recall the names of the people who live here.


Today I did my final project for my print-making class: a stencil called Crasian Woman II. Crasian Woman II has her roots in the original Crasian Woman, who was a graffiti tag based on the international women’s washroom symbol. Crasian Woman was originally known as Crazy Asian Woman, which became Crasian Woman, and she was designed just before I moved to thisCastle. She is the official logo of thisCastle, and when the flag is made, she’ll be on it.

Crasian Woman II is a development of Crasian Woman, a conflation of the walk signal man and the washroom woman. Her head and hands are spirals because they are always crazy busy. Her head is an @ symbol because she is a modern wifi woman. Her feet are heavy boots because she is always well grounded.

Crasian Woman II is yellow, sprayed in marker paint down the lane behind thisCastle, her non-traditional territory. She is yellow lines down the middle.

~ by thiscassandra on Saturday 5 April 2008.

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