Exactly How You Want People to Remember

One of my friends and I went to the Home and Garden Show at BC Place on Saturday afternoon; I had never been to a home show, but one of my colleagues gave me two passes and I have a home, so I went.

There is a lot of free stuff – shopping bags and small packets of food, and individual sample small rolls of toilet paper, and a lot of displays of merchandise. I have to say that I am surprised at how much stuff there is to buy for homes and gardens, how many renos there are to be done, and how much it all costs. I could spend all my money, every penny, max out all the cards and the lines of credit, take out more mortgages and still not have the home as I think it could be.

My friend bought nail pens (basically squeezable, refillable syringes filled with nail polish – what they were doing at a home and garden show, I don’t know, but they were, and she bought them). I bought a Little Giant Ladder system which some of my other friends have already asked to use. Delivery isn’t for two or three weeks, but I don’t need instant gratification with respect to ladders. I already have at least three.

On my way home from that part of downtown, I often catch a bus at Abbott and Hastings. Many of the intersections along that part of Hastings are pretty challenging, and Abbott and Hastings is one of the harder core of them. At some point this will change, because of the Woodwards complex which is at that corner, and is going to be full of downtown hipsters – it was marketed with this slogan “An Intellectual Property”. It’s going to be full of scene people, and the environs will have to change. But this weekend it was pretty much as it always is: there was a young man lying across the sidewalk, on his side, fully awake and looking at everybody. He looked a bit uncomfortable.

My friend likes to bake. She had given me a plastic bag of bread and muffins that she had made, and I wanted to give this young man something to eat, so thought I would give him the home baking. Just as the bus was arriving, I reached into one of the new shopping bags and pulled out something soft wrapped in plastic and threw it to him. He caught it and I got on the bus.

When I got home I dumped all the loot out of the new shopping bags and I found the bag of bread and muffins, and I couldn’t find the sample pack of toilet paper. I’d thrown the young man a roll of toilet paper.

Yesterday I went to that part of downtown again to buy yogurt and greens. When I rounded the corner to catch the bus, a young man and woman walked past me. As they passed I heard the young man say “Toilet paper.” He remembered.

~ by thiscassandra on Friday 7 March 2008.

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