After coming home from Whistler, the land of ice and snow and comfortable beds, I understood how uncomfortable my bed is; the pillow top is flattened and without hope. So I called Fairmont customer service and asked about the beds. Yesterday I took some time and went bed shopping. I bought a new Simmons Beautyrest Westview mattress and box spring set at a store called Sleep Country, which has a 5% price guarantee. Another store had an equivalent set on sale for $200 less, so I got mine for $200 less less 5%. Delivery is free, and happens next Saturday. Yay!

I went to get my teeth cleaned this week
and my dentist has workstations at each of the chairs in the office. I
thought of posting during the cleaning, but thought better of it. Bluetooth.

I’m reading again, right now a new to me sci-fi guy named Charles Stross. I’ve also been reading another new to me sci-fi guy named Corey Doctorow. They’re splendid. Also, there’s going to be a new Iain M. Banks novel released soon. Yay!

I’m spending a lot of time on school work, some block cutting and print making almost every day. Yay!.

~ by thiscassandra on Sunday 10 February 2008.

One Response to “Countries”

  1. Did the hotel tell you which mattresses they use? They certainly were comfortable. Mine is a Beautyrest “Innkeeper.” When I bought it I was told that it’s their top-of-the-line model, and that it’s used in hotels, but it doesn’t have anything on those Whisler beds.

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