Ever So Brilliant – A Few Fun Things

The other day I went to the bank machine where I withdrew $xxx. Some bills came out, all bunched together, and the machine continued to whirr. I tried to flatten the bills but they were pretty crumpled. I stood there holding the bunch of bills in my hands, and I noticed that the machine was still whirring. I looked into the slot and noticed that there was more money coming out. I scooped it up, and when I counted it, I found that the amount was $xxx & $80. Windfall.

Please note – I’ll return the extra money, but what fun to have something like this happen.

After the windfall, I went to pick up the new phone. I lost the previous one the night before when Pat and I went to a party down the street at the home of Glenn, one of her associates. Glenn happens to share a studio with Haruko, to whom I was giving the basket full of polished pebbles that used to belong to Alda, the mother of my great friend Rob H. I had taken a few out, but didn’t need fifteen pounds of them.

I took the basket of pebbles from the garage and we headed down Jackson to Glenn and Marina’s place, where nobody was home. I left the basket of rocks on the porch and lost the phone. In the morning I cancelled the phone service on the lost phone and ordered a new phone. Because of the deal that I get through work, I get a free phone whenever I want, as long as it’s one of the ones that are free for people who have a three year contract. Free new phone is fun.

The other night the gals and I got together for a snack-fest, and, of course, ate way, way too much. Way too much food is way too much fun.

~ by thiscassandra on Tuesday 25 December 2007.

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