Parties are strange things, I’m pretty shy and if I don’t know a lot of the people who are likely to be attending, I don’t like attending them by myself. Paul, my fallen friend had invited me to the opening party of The Fall Tattooing and Piercing Parlour and Gallery, and I didn’t expect to know anyone much there, as well I expected people to be extreme, hard core, but I wanted to attend, just to see. Even though we hadn’t seen one another in quite some time, I asked J Claire, my photography student friend, if she was interested in going  with me, and she was so she did.

Paul is one of the sexiest guys I’ve met in a long time, totally not my type, but sexy never-the-less. All of his skin that I’ve seen (not much – just the stuff that isn’t covered by regular summer clothing) is covered with tattoos. Paul considers his tattoos to be his art, and a lot of this art is self-done.  Impressive.

Pop culture was the project, so J Claire took some ad hoc portraits of Paul. The one she showed me is good, considering the lighting and the situation. In the portrait, Paul looks calm and wise. He looks like a tattoo elder.

People at the opening party of The Fall Tattooing and Piercing Parlour and Gallery were much less extreme, much more moderate than I expected them to be. I think I was expecting a Jim Rose’s Circus Side Show level of outrageousness, not body modification fashionistas. Apparently body modification is the new black…

Pedometers have come to me: the first came from my brother who works in a sporting shoe store. It was good for a few weeks then stopped logging all the steps, logging one or two steps for every ten or so taken. A few months ago the University gave pedometers to the employees who wanted them. The first of these I got randomly reset itself to zero, and the second only logged two or three steps for every ten or twenty taken. I have killed three pedometers: Pedometricide…

Plan drawers have come to me too: seven or eight years ago I had this idea that I would meet an old person who would like me enough to bequeath their metal flat files to me (bet you didn’t know I was that mercenary). One afternoon a year or so later I found two five drawer metal flat files (34 x 44) with stand down the back alley from where I then lived. I wasn’t strong enough to carry them home, so I didn’t take them, but later that day I was sitting at my desk, from which I could see the flat files down the lane, and I saw some Asian men, one with a truck, arguing, obviously about dumping the flat files. I ran out and asked if the fellow would dump the flat files in front of my building, and he said he would do it for $10. I happened to have two fives in my pocket, so we struck a deal, and he delivered the flat files to me.

Pat (Printmaker) and the True Cameron (Photographer) each had urgent need for flat files when I found them, but I did not, so I sold (for cheap) one set to Pat and the other set to the True Cameron. Recently I noticed that in my Art School process I have accumulated a lot of large pieces of paper, and a set of plan drawers/flat files might come in handy, and I started thinking about buying a set. I am a member of a Yahoo Group called Vancouver Freecycle, which I have used to find other people to take some of the good stuff that I want to give away. One day on Freecycle there was a post of a long list of stuff that some people in Coquitlam (deep suburbs) were giving away, and one item was a set of plan drawers. I didn’t call, but a few hours later the people posted a list of all the things that had been taken. The plan drawers weren’t on it. A day or so afterwards, they posted that everything had been taken except for the plan drawers.

Perfection doesn’t come up often, but when it does, it does. Sometime during our evening out at the party, J Claire, who has a van, had invited me along on a road trip to Ikea in Coquitlam on Monday morning. I hoped it might work out, so I contacted the people to ask if the plan drawers were still available. They were, and when I told the woman that I would be at the Ikea in Coquitlam on Monday, she got quite excited. It turns out that she and her husband live just up the hill from the Ikea, and they work at home. How perfect is that? Pretty perfect.

~ by thiscassandra on Friday 30 November 2007.

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