CurlsI had my hair cut today, the curls were cut off into a graduated bob.  The curls are an innovation; my hair used to be much straighter than it is now.

It was cut by Soon, the friend with whom I reconnected during the film fest (see Soon). After the cut, Soon and I went for lunch in a restaurant in the Seabus terminal, where I had amazingly good chicken pot pie. After lunch Soon came to Costco with me, so we spent the afternoon together.

Soon is from Brunei, and moved to Vancouver in his late teens. He lived in Toronto for a few years, then moved back to Vancouver. At the age of 40 took two years off hairstyling work to backpack around Europe. He worked in the hostels so he could stay for free (9 hours of work = one week’s accommodation in a dorm room), and he gave haircuts for $10 (US), so he was able to stay on the road for a good long time. Pretty nice.

Another source of income (in a way) was his youthful appearance. People didn’t believe that he was 40-ish, so they would bet him beer that he wasn’t and he would prove that he was, and they’d buy him beer. People who would even take such a bet? Pretty stupid.

When Soon and his husband were about to be married, Soon came out to his 80-something mother who lives in Brunei. She asked "How do you do the bedroom stuff?" and Soon changed the subject. She then asked "Do you do the bum thing?" Pretty amusing.

Soon is heading to SF next weekend to participate in an eight-day new age retreat where the work is based on the premise that we are of 9 soul types. Sounds pretty Californian, but much of the new age/spiritual stuff does.

I like having leisure time to spend with friends.

~ by thiscassandra on Thursday 15 November 2007.

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