This Day So Far

I’ve been doing laundry much of the day, four loads in total, clothing, bedding, towels, and it’s still not done. The dryer is not working quite right; the time changes randomly and there doesn’t seem to be enough heat. It takes forever to dry things.

I worked on the mosaic table a bit, then got tired of it and walked to the tile store to pick up some 1.25 x 6 inch tiles for trim, but it was closed.

On the way to the tile store I went to one of those display suites where they pre-sell condos in buildings that haven’t been started yet. In Vancouver these buildings are often completely sold out before the builders break ground. One complex, on the sketchiest part of Hastings Street in the notorious Downtown Eastside, is based on the retrofit of Woodward’s, a department store. A few towers and low rises are to be added to the complex. The price per square foot ranged from $400 to $600. The 536 units, located in a disreputable neighbourhood, sold out in a few hours. This was last summer or fall. Occupancy in 2009.

Comparable condos in Vancouver are now selling for between $700 and $900 a square foot for one with moderately nice finishing, and upward from $900 for a really nice one. When my ex and I bought our condo (minimal finishing – basically raw space), the Friendly Studio, I chafed at paying $135 per square foot. The Friendly Studio, still minimally finished)  is now appraised at $400 per square foot. 3 times more.

That said, thisCastle is not as nice as a moderately nicely finished new condo, but way nicer than the raw space Friendly Studio. Not that I’m going to sell it (though I have thought about it), but I bet I could get between $500 and $600 per square foot for it. That’s a lot.

I was eating dinner, and almost finished my salad when I saw an inch long fat green grub curled up in the bottom of my bowl. The salad was tasty, but I stopped eating then.

This day so far, some good, some bad.


~ by thiscassandra on Saturday 10 November 2007.

3 Responses to “This Day So Far”

  1. I’ve had that grub thing happen a few times. Once in a steamed artichoke was a steamed grub… and although I dearly love artichokes, I didn’t eat one again for a couple of years.
    It would be a tragedy not to eat salad for that long.

  2. Fear not. It was home grown salad, so all I have to do is be more careful when washing.
    I’ll probably eat more salad today.

  3. Hi there,
    You might be the person I’m looking for to calculate and compare the cost per square whatever of what I believe is the most expensive real estate – the Safe Deposit Box. Although I guess that’s technically more of a rental space.
    So, Dad had grubs in his cereal, but because he is blind (well only partially back then), he didn’t see them and it took him a good half-way through to figure it out. In Africa and other places big fat grubs are eaten with full intention. Personally, I’d rather not.
    Anway, as I’ve mentioned before, I have to go to Ikea – do you want to join me? Remember, I have a van.

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