Vanity and Me…

My next project for school is going to be a "Vanity" book.

I have a portable vanity that I’ve been hauling around with me for many years. It’s flat, made of crocodile skin, about 4"x6", has a handle, has a clasp and it opens flat like a book. It has a small holder for something flat, and it also has a speckled and broken mirror inside it.

For "Vanity" I’m going to get a new mirror and I’m going to write "Vanity" on it in red, lipstick-like paint. It will be glued inside what is going to become the front cover of the book. The small holder will hold a zine-like booklet which consists of a parable of a young woman named Vanity who owns this portable vanity. There will be some quotes about vanity, and some comments.

After the zine-like booklet is going to be the back cover, in which is going to be glued the speckled and broken mirror, on which is going to be written in the same lipstick-like paint that is on the first mirror, "…is a broken mirror…"

…we’re pretty good company…

~ by thiscassandra on Monday 5 November 2007.

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