New Old Stuff

I’m trying (and succeeding) to simplify my life (give stuff away), but I still need storage furniture, so I’ve bought a hoosier (not all original) and two wood dressers, all old. Marlene and I went to pick them up today. Old stuff with character is way better than stuff from Ikea, which is the option in these cases. Marlene agreed that shopping in a garage on the west side is way better than going to Ikea. Especially if the prices are about equal.

One oak hoosier, one oak dresser, one cherrywood dresser. I’m getting to the point where I buy stuff that I want, rather than just having stuff that comes to me.

Nice stuff.

The hoosier is going to be where I concentrate the art supplies and will be a work table. The two wood dressers will replace the two dressers I have in my room already (belonged to my grandmother), and the two dressers I have already will be used in the rooms for let, or for storage in the garage or storage in the tool room. They are good enough for any of these three things.

I’ve been running into people I’ve not seen in decades, Vince/Soon, my barfly friend, and last night Surrinder B, a woman who was in high school with me. We actually recognized one another, though not more that "You look familiar" until Surrinder said, "did you go to David Thompson school?", after which I knew who she was.

Ceece W was there, and she said, "Mercury retrograde brings people back into your life."

Mercury retrograde.

~ by thiscassandra on Sunday 28 October 2007.

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