Printmaking x Two and Dissed for a Dog

Next term’s class schedule has been posted and I know that I said I would never take two courses in one term again, but I think I’ll do it next term: Introduction to print-making (a foundation year course, my required elective to complete my foundation year requirements), and printmaking/book media directed projects (a third year continuation of the book media class I’m taking now). I’m really enjoying the book media class I’m taking now, so hope to be able to continue.

I also feel I need to learn some basic print-making skills, so want to take the intro course. Both these classes will be on Wednesday afternoon, one at 12:30 and one at 3:50, so I think I can do it. They are, after all, related in a way that Art History and Painting are not, and in art school students are encouraged to combine projects for their courses. I can do it.

Susana, the former work bruja, has a new job somewhere else on campus, and left on (apparently) fairly good terms with all of us. I was on the bus the other morning, writing away in my notebook as I do. She got on the bus and sat directly across from me, beside a woman who had a tiny dog in a pink houndstooth check dog carrier on her lap.

Susana gibbered at the dog, then looked over and saw me, and we greeted one another and exchanged pleasantries, then she returned to gibbering sweet nothings to the dog in what appeared to be an effort to avoid talking with me. She gibbered until I went back to my writing. It was an awkward situation, because, even though I didn’t expect that she and I would remain friends after she left, I also didn’t expect that I (and her other work friends too) would be shunned by her.

Yesterday morning she got on the crowded bus, where I was sitting at the front writing. Her place to stand would have been directly in front of me – beyond my seat the aisle was completely full of people and their bags – but she pushed her way through the crowd and stood somewhere at the back of the bus.

I’m pretty sure she knew I was on the bus because when we got off the bus our paths crossed and she said in a jolly voice, "Good morning." and nothing more, no "I didn’t see you…" or anything like that. There was no ambiguity, it was a clear statement.

It is sad when there is no fidelity in people. I’ve been dissed for a dog and now I know. 

~ by thiscassandra on Friday 26 October 2007.

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