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I have taken two drawing classes, and during the first one I became friends with Weronika. Weronika was in the second drawing class the next term too, and we met Dallas. Dallas and I became friends too.

When Erin was moving out and I was looking for a house-mate, I happened to mention the room to Dallas. He was looking for a room, came to see it, liked it, and moved from the apartment he shared with Erin, his former roommate, into the room which once belonged to Erin, my former flatmate.

Go figure.

Starting in January Dallas has an exchange term in Scotland. Originally he was planning to be in Europe only three months, and he was planning to keep the room, but his time in Europe has doubled to six months, and he can’t see keeping the room empty for that long. So he’s moving out after term end in December.

I posted the room on Craig’s List, got lots of responses, but no definite wants, so I posted it again. I got an email from Weronika, who is in the middle of an exchange term in Amsterdam, who wanted to know if the ad was mine.

I told her yes, and we discussed it a bit, and considering that she has seen thisCastle, she has seen the room, and she knows me, she wanted it. Weronika’s taking the room. Dallas had it for a year and two terms and she wants it for a year and a term at least. That is plenty for me.

There’s something wonderful about having favoured classmates become very important, much more important than other classmates.

Maybe the next flatmate will also be a classmate.

~ by thiscassandra on Thursday 25 October 2007.

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