Deconstructing a Mystery

thisCastle has four skylights, one in the master bathroom, one in the other bathroom, one in the kitchen and one in the stairwell. Other than the skylight in the stairwell, they are constructed as square tubes leading from the ceiling to the acrylic of the skylight. From the outside the skylights look like bubbles on top of metre tall square pillars. The ceilings are dropped so the square tubes from the ceilings to the skylights are almost two metres long.

So here’s the mysterious part: from time to time there is a leak at the base of the skylight in the kitchen. It never drips when there is no rain or snowmelt. It has been raining for much of this week, and there was dripping yesterday. Today it’s raining harder than it was yesterday, and there is no dripping.

You would think that the likelihood of dripping would increase as rainy duration and intensity increased, but these do not appear to be the determining factors.

When I had the power washing done on the roof, I asked the gals to spray the skylight, to spray the area around the skylight, and see if the ceiling would drip. It did not. Power washing uses a lot of water, more than rain, and no drips. So quantity does not appear to be a determining factor. 

This makes no sense to me.

~ by thiscassandra on Sunday 21 October 2007.

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