Dallas, who has lived in thisCastle for a year and a half, has just let me know that he’ll be going to Scotland for six months starting in January. So he’s leaving us. He was originally going to Scotland for three months and was intending to keep the room, but keeping an empty room for six months is not in his cards.

We’ll miss him. Not to mention having to find another castle-mate.

Whenever I’m finding a new castle-mate, I am forced to remember how disreputable this neighbourhood really is. I have to ensure that the people understand that we are quiet and the building is quiet, but it is not quiet in the streets. Many people fear the activity on the streets around here.

I am not really afraid. Cautious? Yes. I am cautious. I always look around to see where I am, I am aware of who is around me and what they are doing at all times. I do not wear headphones when walking around here.

I dropped in to see my friend Soon from long ago; in the early days of the Luv-A-Fair, we were tiny, exquisitely cute Asian barflies together. Even though he wasn’t into girls, Soon thought we should have tiny, exquisitely cute Asian babies who would follow us like little ducks. We didn’t. 

Anyway, a few weeks ago I was on the street outside of one of the film fest venues waiting for Jeannette, with whom I had dinner plans. Soon was there too, waiting for Jenny (the two were watching the same film) – and we actually recognized one another.

Running into Soon is somewhat serendipitous; I’ve been looking for a new hair stylist and that is much of what he does.

~ by thiscassandra on Saturday 20 October 2007.

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