Hazardous Hygiene II

To continue the story of the ears (see Hazardous Hygiene), I made an appointment with the nurse practitioner, at my doctor’s office, to have my ears irrigated. She looked into the ear and said there was a piece of wax sitting on the eardrum and that irrigation should get it out of there. She had a student nurse practitioner with her and allowed the student to irrigate my ears.

The first ear douche was uncomfortable, but did not remove the bit of wax stuck to the eardrum, so they tried again. The student nurse practitioner refilled the ear syringe, stuck it in my ear, and squirted. Whoa, Nellie, the pain was incredible; she had injured my tender ear canal. I made them stop and rest a bit, but even after a rest, the pain was too much for me.

One good thing…the nurse practitioner told me of the time she was a student nurse practitioner and a man came in with an insect in his ear, and the fluttering of the antennae and legs caused so much pain that the man was howling. They drowned the bug in situ in oil and extracted it with a tweezer.

The nurse practitioner’s orange lipstick was smeared all over the bottom half of her face, like she had just been doing unprofessional things with her mouth.

~ by thiscassandra on Wednesday 10 October 2007.

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