thisWeekend: Old Things and New

Saturday evening: My friend Marlene, Marlene’s folks, my mother, my friend Amy and I went for dinner at the Keg. Because of the parents we went to the Keg, but we all enjoyed the food tremendously,

Marlene bought me a housewarming gift, a small barbecue (Weber Baby Q) to go on my renovated roof. It can use any of the sizes of propane tanks, which is good because I bet I wouldn’t want to carry a full big tank up there. I sometimes think it would be worthwhile to run a natural gas line up there.

Sunday afternoon: Amy (the other Amy) and I went to Jazz Vespers for the first time. We went for the music, and didn’t expect there to be so much worship stuff, but the music was good and the worship stuff was liberal and okay, as far as that worship stuff goes, so it was pretty good. St Andrew’s is, after all, a big liberal Anglican church in the West End, a notoriously gay part of downtown, so no fire and brimstone nor talk of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Amy and I have only seen each other once since meeting up in San Diego and going to Tijuana together. She gave me a (full) Warp mints tin (her brother owns the factory that makes them) that I do not yet have.

Sunday evening: I went to Richard’s on Richards (notorious mixed meat market) to see Blank & Jones (trance/electronic musicians) with my friend Angelo (trance dj) and his friends. I haven’t been in that place since Feb 14th 1989. Back then it was Graceland (before that it was the Gandy Dancer, a notorious boys only meat market). That day I took Robert to see Tackhead, Adrian Sherwood’s industrial dub group. The music was not so different on these two nights.

There was a big difference between the young women of 1989 and those present last evening. Those last evening were like mermaids on the prows of ships, proudly leading with their breasts, nudging people out of their ways. The breasts which pushed against me were hard and unforgiving. Being assertive, I pushed back which got me hostile looks from the overly made up faces attached to the overly pumped up breasts (55 psi at least).

When I led with my foot after one had pushed me out of her way while walking past me on the dance floor, I knew it was time to go home, so I left.

Monday: I have a coffee date with Robert, an old boyfriend.

Edit: The Monday coffee date is now a Wednesday dinner date.

~ by thiscassandra on Monday 8 October 2007.

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