Lateral Moves

I’m pretty tired after having spent much of the day moving boxes full of old paper, files and financial information, out of the now storage room which is going to be my new office. There is still a lot of motion of stuff to be done before I can complete this move.

This is, I believe, the thirteenth time my work station has moved since 1993 when I started with this department. That’s a lot of motion.

I have also been promoted several times, but promotion and motion have not been related.

Too tired to write much more.

~ by thiscassandra on Thursday 27 September 2007.

One Response to “Lateral Moves”

  1. Correction:
    Your comment…Sunday evening: I went to Richard’s on Richards (notorious mixed meat market) to see Blank & Jones (trance/electronic musicians) with my friend Angelo (trance dj) and his friends. I haven’t been in that place since Feb 14th 1989. Back then it was Graceland (before that it was the Gandy Dancer, a notorious boys only meat market). That day I took Robert to see Tackhead, Adrian Sherwood’s industrial dub group. The music was not so different on these two nights.
    Richard’s on Richard’s, Graceland and The Gandydancer are/were three different bars in 3 different buildings. They were never in the same place.
    Thought you should know.
    An old Gandy regular.

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