Paul, The Fallen

I took the yellow mini cooper back to its home on 14th and Hemlock, and walked to get the bus. At night many of the buses just go downtown and you have to transfer to an eastbound bus. I did this this evening and ran into Paul, my fallen friend, and his shaved head and his all over (face included) tattoos.

When I first moved here, Lisa Dawn came over and called her friend Claude Michel to invite him for tea. He brought Paul, the Fallen with him. We sat on the roof and smoked and talked about the neighbourhood. They lived in a building nearby where people were able to rent individual rooms, but shared kitchens and bathrooms.

After that first visit they came over once in a while to check up on me and to see the place. They loved it. One day Claude Michel told me that Paul had moved out suddenly, and was gone. He didn’t know where.

Pat moved into Paul’s old place, and Claude Michel brought him and his pit bull over to meet me. I had just been attacked on the street by an insanely fearful doberman (which didn’t hurt me badly, but the situation might have gone very badly if I’d been a different person from the one I am), but I wasn’t afraid of his sweet pit bull. She was so relaxed in my house that she lay down and demanded that I rub her tummy. I did.

One evening, Claude Michel and Pat came by to pick me up and we walked over to Paul’s place over the warehouse of a local funky grocery store. It has a rooftop deck, and it is a bit reminiscent of my place. When I commented that I liked it, he told me, "I took it because it reminds me of your place. I love your place, it’s the ideal."

Anyway, Paul, the Fallen is opening a gallery/tattoo shop downtown, and showed me where it will be. He came to see my rooftop renos and loved them, I showed him some of the art I’m making and he loved that too. There is little better for the ego than running into a seldom seen friend who may not love you, but pretty much loves everything that you have shown them about your life.

~ by thiscassandra on Sunday 23 September 2007.

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