Again, I surprise myself, within my lack of attachment, by being saddened by someone else’s lack of whatever it is they’re lacking.

Everybody lacks something.

What is the worst thing to lack? A conscience, I suppose.

Today I stood up for myself with the work bruja, with whom I have had some difficulty being assertive in the past. First I asked her to make an effort, when she doesn’t know who people are, to find out who they are rather than just dropping their mail on my desk, because I also don’t know who they are and I have to go looking for the info. Then I asked her not to stand in my office and have long personal conversations with people whose office is somewhere else. Then she got all melodramatic, and brought up not feeling well because of her kidneys, and announced that she would never have a conversation in my office again, and I just went back to my office.

We used to be friendly, but we haven’t been for a month or so. I’m okay with that; as much as I don’t want to have unfriendly work relationships that spill over into my life outside of work, I also don’t want to have friendly work relationships that spill over. When the work bruja and I were being friendly, the relationship spilled over a bit; I hope that now that it is clear that we are not being friendly, we can be professional and not let it spill over.

I find melodrama tiresome. I lack the energy to deal with it.

~ by thiscassandra on Thursday 13 September 2007.

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