Of All the Things I Have Done Today

I spent most of the day out on the roof, working on maintenance and other projects. I must have walked upstairs and back down 20 or 30 times today, sometimes carrying heavy stuff, e.g., boxes of tiles, 50 lb bags of mortar mix. I’m pretty tired.

I got a start on tiling the ugly 3’x10′ table with the metal legs, having placed the edge and corner pieces. I intend to finish the tiling tomorrow, then if the weather is good next weekend, sand and paint the legs.

I repotted the sage bush, which has never been happy, and lately has been desperately unhappy. I bought it at the earth forum at Finning Campus last summer or the summer before. There was a silent auction of plants in containers that were made up by some street involved youth learning basic gardening skills. When I took it out of the pot I found that half the pot was filled with foam peanuts and some newspaper. There was almost no soil. I am optimistic that the move to a new home with new deep soil with actual nutrients should help it to feel better. Actually, I’m sure of that.

I gave the blue and beige faux persian carpet, which Marlene and I moved out of my room, rolled up and put in the garage, to a nice young couple with a nice baby. I posted it on Freecycle, and the young woman contacted me within about a minute. On Freecycle good stuff goes fast.

That carpet was good stuff (wool, 8′ x 10′, light blue and beige, faux persian pattern), but I have never really liked it. It was given to me by Suzanne, a friend of Alda.

Alda had asked me if might want a carpet that a friend of hers was trying to give away, and I said yes I might, so she gave Suzanne my number. Suzanne and I talked a few times, then she insisted that I come by and take a look at it and tell her if I liked it because she wanted to get rid of it quickly.

I booked a car and went to her townhouse in Kits and when I got there she showed it to me, but told me that she had decided to try and sell it. She had talked with the owner of a carpet store and she was going to take it there and have it appraised; if it was worth enough she would sell it, otherwise I could have it.

Now I find this kind of stuff quite annoying, but she was a friend of Alda’s and I didn’t want to be impolite, so I agreed with her. She said she would call, and I went home.

She called a week or so later to tell me that the carpet was back; she didn’t know why, but the dealer had told her that he couldn’t sell it for more than $200, which wasn’t worth his time, so he wasn’t interested. Having taken a good look at it, I knew that it was not in great shape and that there was no way that a serious carpet shop would have bought it or sold it, so I had been expecting her call. I booked another car and went to pick it up.

I took it away, but because the rooms in thisCastle are small, it didn’t fit anywhere. So I kept it rolled up on the living room floor. Suzanne called a few weeks later to ask me if I wanted the companion runner. I agreed that it might be nice, and she said that she’d given it to her sister, but the sister hadn’t liked it and had said that she might give it away, but if her sister hadn’t given it away, she would ask her sister to bring it so that I could have it.

I said, "If it isn’t too much trouble." To which Suzanne said, "My sister’s coming from Toronto next month, I’ll ask if she still has it and if she isn’t using it, could she bring it with her."

Several weeks later, Suzanne called and left a message that she had the runner, and asked me to call her, which I didn’t do. I understand that she was trying to be nice, but I didn’t want to have anything further to do with the carpet situation. She only called and left a few more messages after the first one.

When I moved my bedroom down to the main floor where the rooms are larger, I put it into my room. A few months ago I decided I didn’t like it enough, took it out of my room, rolled it up, put it in the garage and left it there where it has been in my way ever since. Every time I have gone in there, I’ve had to walk over it, usually carrying something and stumbling.

Today I got tired of it, and I gave it away. Of all the good things I have done today, this was the best. Absolutely.

~ by thiscassandra on Sunday 9 September 2007.

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