Knowledge Transfer

There was the sound of seagulls squawking loud on the building across the street, so I looked up and saw two males on the rim of the building, near the front. They were walking quickly towards the back rear. Between them, but farther back from the rim of the building, I could see occasionally see the outstretched wing of a younger female, still a bit downy, walking with the two males.

The males were calling and spreading their wings as though they were letting the world know that something momentous was about to happen, and the three of them continued their walk to the rear of the building. When they got there they all jumped off, and the female, just learning, had a bit of a rocky start, falling fast, but before she hit ground she spread her wings and the wind caught her and she flew back up and away.

The two males landed back on the building and squealed.

~ by thiscassandra on Sunday 9 September 2007.

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