Things I Did Today

This morning Laura came for tea; she showed me how to make bannock and so we had fresh bannock, butter, jam (that she made), pickled herring and caperberries for breakfast. What a meal!

After breakfast we went up on the roof to enjoy the shade and privacy structure. While we were sitting a crow came and had a long conversation with us. He sat on the rafters near me and clicked and purred.

I am not getting any less happy with the shade and privacy structure, if anything I’m happier as I live with it. I know its flaws and I love it anyway. If only I could apply this principle to the people around me.

This morning I showed the house to Laura, last night I showed it to Julie and Sacha (they dropped me off after the night market), last week I showed it to Lauren. I love showing thisCastle to people; thisCastle rocks, I love it, other people like it and everyone is impressed that I have managed to make it work for me. I’m pretty proud of it, and maybe even of myself.

That venal sin thing again.

The pride of place grows and translates into doing more and more around here to keep it nice. Today I figured out that the small rectangular table (up on the roof) would fit into the alcove in the laundry room. This was quite an epiphany, because I’ve been trying to figure out how to make a work surface in there now that the freezer is gone. I’d considered buying one of those inexpensive cupboards and placing some prefab counter on top, but that looked too difficult to do alone (and expensive in an inexpensive way), then I thought of making a shelf that was attached to the wall, I even considered using the table top for the shelf. Until this morning it didn’t occur to me that that table would fit in there and if I were to move it in there, I wouldn’t need to build a shelf. Now that’s clever adaptation of resources.

The table fits pretty snugly in the alcove and makes perfect work surface under which I can store things (bags of soil, etc.). It works perfectly. I’m pleased with the way it works.

I also cleaned up and reorganized the laundry room, swept the stairwell (a big job), and cleaned the handrail in the stairwell.

The stairwell rocks when it’s freshly swept.

I do more and more because as I improve it thisCastle reveals the potential it has to be perfect for me. The relationship between me and thisCastle works for me, I want to make it perfect, and then to keep it perfect.

Next things on the list: hood fan replacement; stairwell flooring (replace or reglue); install front door security light; front gate and security bars over windows; powerwash window frames and shutters; scrape and paint window sashes. We’ve done lots, but there’s lots more stuff that needs doing. I think it’s endless.

Someone tagged (ugly) the freshly painted north-facing side of the building on Saturday night. They also got the east-facing side of the sausage factory. Oh well…

To be honest, I’m surprised that thisCastle isn’t tagged more often than it is. Ditto for the sausage factory.

School starts tomorrow. I haven’t done much to prepare myself for the term.

This afternoon I was sitting on the roof, looking at the garden, and it occurred to me that for the first time I miss, actually miss Mike McD, my difficult artist friend who made a career for himself making native and/or butterfly gardens. I thought of how much he would have loved the roof and how he would have brought me plant after plant after plant until I told him to stop. I have a few plants that Mike gave me, the walking onion, a christmas cactus, but not many.

I missed my difficult friend Mike today, and so I dedicated my garden to him and asked his blessing. I think he would have been happy to give it.

I should get some plants to attract butterflies.

~ by thiscassandra on Monday 3 September 2007.

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