Bedbug Bobbi

Bobbi had bedbugs just before leaving Montreal, so wants to freeze stuff as it comes to Vancouver from the east. So took the little freezer away.

The little freezer is gone. You would be amazed at how much forgotten food I found in there, and in the freezer in the fridge downstairs. How much food that will never be eaten…

Bobbi and Lauren moved the freezer downstairs from the laundry room up at the top of the stairs. Strong people. I’m impressed.

If the freezer comes back here, it stays downstairs where it should have been all along. I’ll put it into the room with the fridge and the sink. It can sit below the cupboard and be a work surface.

I love my shade and privacy structure. It is a happy place for me.

Not being reactive to bedbugs, Bobbi does not know if the bedbugs are gone. If bedbugs are as easy to spread as I fear they are, Bobbi might be spreading emigre bedbugs around Vancouver. Yeesh, scary.

Susana and I went to Costco after work this afternoon. I bought tortellini and picked herring and frozen strawberries and Anna’s ginger thins. 6 kilos total.

I’m pretty tired, having brought all the food home from Costco, having cleared all the old food out of the two freezers (and disposed of it), having moved a lot of the stuff out of and back into place. I think it’s time for bed.

Good night. Schlauf gut.

~ by thiscassandra on Wednesday 29 August 2007.

One Response to “Bedbug Bobbi”

  1. Hi there,
    Don’t let stuff that has been at a bedbug infested place into your home -ever! I learnt all about them in New York – they can live a year without food. They hide in crevices behind mouldings. They are spreading in urban areas and especially hotels and are really really hard to eradicate. So far I have been spared but I have been very very careful.
    How are you though? It’s been so long – I’ve been so very busy – I have to make a run ot to Ikea very soon – want to join me?

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