Lacking Laksa

Amy and I went for lunch today, at the okay Japanese restaurant on campus. During lunch she told me about the new Singaporean restaurant she’d had lunch at yesterday, right downtown at the bus stop where I often change buses. "They have the best laksa in town. Authentic Singaporean laksa."

I’ve been aching for laksa (a savoury spicy sauce that is used on rice or noodles), so I went to this new restaurant on my way home to get take out, but they’d run out earlier in the day. I went home disconsolate about my lack of laksa.

Amy and I have eaten laksa together more than once, and she knows how much I love it. Over Christmas she and Ru went to Singapore to visit relatives, and she brought home Ru’s aunt’s world famous (!) laksa recipe for me. It’s complicated – you have to pound things together and cook two kinds of coconut milk – and it calls for some ingredients I’ve either not heard of or I have no clue where to buy, and being a fairly lazy cook, I’ve neither bought the mystery ingredients, nor even got around to investigating what they might be or where to buy them. Consequently I’ve never made laksa. The recipe sounds great though, definitely worthy of its world famous status.

Saddened by the lack of laksa I decided to make fake laksa with stuff that I have in the fridge. I would start with the highly unsatisfying grilled steak and rice left over from last night’s dinner and go from there.

I mixed a can of coconut milk and some red curry paste and some fish sauce over low heat and made a dilute curry coconut sauce. I then added some veggies (snap peas and zucchini)  and let them cook. I then added the thinly sliced leftover steak and some lemon juice. The last two things I added were the leftover rice and some chili oil.

I tasted it and it was incredibly yummy. Not quite laksa, but a tasty alternative.

~ by thiscassandra on Wednesday 22 August 2007.

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