Classy Be as Classy Do

Whenever I see or hear the word "classy" I think of Dianne, the inelegant PR and donations person who worked with me on the teen soap in Montreal. She was a fairly tall , fairly homely (in a horsey way), fairly stupid (in a bovine way) woman from the west island, and her boyfriend, Victor, was a very squat, very stupid thug from Colombia. Neither of the two was charming in the least.

One day Dianne bought herself a watch in a jewelry shop in a mall. She was ever-so-proud of it, and she showed it to everyone. She held out her arm with her sleeve pulled back to bare the wrist and show the watch. It was white with a two layered glass surround around the face. The surround had some little rhinestones in rings freely floating around in some liquid between the two layers of glass. She said, "I paid 70 dollars for it, but it’s classy. It’s such a classy watch that I had to have it."

I have never since been able to use the word "classy" without being a bit sarcastic.

~ by thiscassandra on Wednesday 27 June 2007.

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