Today in San Diego

Yesterday I spent the entire day at the zoo, where my favourite thing was the giraffes. They are so gangly. I liked this lizard too.

Today I spent at Sea World, and I have to say that it’s amazing what they can train an animal to do for snacks.

I had expected Sea World to be like the Vancouver Aquarium, but bigger, and was I surprised when I got there and found that it was a theme park. I should have done more research.

There was a show called Cirque de Mer, and the performers, citizens of "Amphibia", reminded me of Sea Monkeys.

Sea World shows are very loud. I went to
see the Shamu show twice, the second time just to sit down somewhere
and rest. Sea World is a tiring place to spend a day.

I got around on my own using transit today. There were no huge problems.

I am extremely tired from having two days in a row of adventure and walking about.

Good night.



~ by thiscassandra on Wednesday 6 June 2007.

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