One Point South

I’m in Los Angeles, staying at the Best West Motel on Ventura Blvd, visiting Anna and Rich who live nearby. This is not the first time I’ve visited LA (eighteen years ago I was seeing someone who lived here and visited a few times), but this is definitely the most fun time I’ve had here. I still don’t love LA, but I like it a lot more than I did. I might even make it back here sooner than 18 years from now.

Anna and Rich have been wonderful hosts for me, taking me around and making sure that I am fed and well-housed. I am sick with the tail end of some sort of respiratory bug, so staying in the living room of their big cat squared apartment was not an enticing prospect for me. Ergo the Best West Motel. It looks like one of those low slung two-storey motels, built in the late 50s/early 60s, that were strung along highways like glittering beads on a forested dress. They weren’t too clean, had poorly maintained pools, and they used to be called Motel 6 or Inn o’ the Woods or Howard Johnsons, or they were named for a local attraction (Fred Flintstone’s Bedrock Motel). They have made and still make movies about these places.

Now these places have been restored, patched and painted. They have wireless internet, and they are called Best West and Travellodge. I like to stay in them because of their relationship to my traveling on my own.

I turned the tv in my room on last night to watch indigenous television; the first channel I found had Da Vinci’s Inquest on (produced and shot not only in Vancouver, but in my neighbourhood) and the tenth had Cold Squad (also produced and shot in Vancouver). I turned off the set then.

Other than LA TV being populated with a plethora of produced and shot in Vancouver shows, I’ve had a quintessentially LA stay here: Anna and Rich took me to Comedy at the Improv at midnight Saturday (Bobby Lee was the funniest on the lineup) and to a private preview screening of the summer penguin film, Surf’s Up. There was a big party afterwards where I was not photographed with the Cody the Protagonist Penguin mascot. Anna has written about these events in her journal (Read here), so I shan’t go into much detail.

When we were leaving the penguin party we each received a beachbag full of stuff including a frisbee, a beachball, a keychain, a necklace, stickers, postcards, a stuffed squid backpack, and a stuffed Cody the Protagonist Penguin, who was made in China and whose tag is printed in Cyrillic type.

At the Improv a blond transgendered m-f sat directly across a narrow table from me. I found her breasts, wrapped up in some shiny material, a bit distracting seeming, as they did, to jut across half of the width of the table. She had amazing posture, she was proud of her shiny new breasts, but she was ashamed of her hands and kept them out of sight in her lap. Not only her breasts were huge, her hands were enormous too, at least four inches longer than mine. I didn’t see her feet, but I expect that they were bigger yet.

Anna and Rich make a hobby of checking out racks. LA is a container for a lot of designer racks (designed to draw attention that is), so they live in a perfect paradise for the two of them. One or the other of them will say "Leopard print" or "Zebra", and the other will look and agree. There appears to be a relationship between rack size and likelihood of animal print, so this game is a bit like big-game hunting for them, the two of them on safari in the wilds of the Hollywood jungle, on the lookout for the big animal prints.

The distances are large in LA, we seem to be in the car a lot (in fact I sometimes wonder if there is a relationship between average distance between two points in LA and the average rack size in LA – which could be considered the distance between two points). Other than the amount of time in car this has been a terrific visit, and I think I’ll do it again. Maybe in November.

~ by thiscassandra on Monday 4 June 2007.

3 Responses to “One Point South”

  1. Good to hear you’re having fun.

  2. OMG I have just laughed myself to tears reading this, and then I read and laughed again. We sure had fun seeing you, V. xxxx

  3. This has been a thoroughly enjoyable trip, and it isn’t over yet – there’s still the train ride home to enjoy.
    SD has been great, LA was great, and you guys were more fun than a barrel of monkeys. So thanks for everything, and see you,xov

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