Heart of Looking Glass and the Empress of China

Some ways in which today was a brilliant day:

1)   I found my passport, so I am now free to fly and free to leave and free to return, at least until it expires in May 2008;

2)   I was  walking through the Student Union Building on my way from class to work, and there was an environmental fair going on, and the information tables of several of the organizations were giving away samples of organic chocolate, and huge samples. Yay! Chocolate in the morning;

3)    The hospital volunteer services people had a rummage sale today and I bought for $2.00 a 2 CD set called "Planet Pop 70s", featuring original versions of 30 big hits of the 70s. It turned out that the disc one wasn’t the correct disc, but disc two was, so I spent the afternoon working and listening to classic 70s tunes, like "Heart of Glass", "Get Down Tonight" and "You Make Me Feel Like Dancing". Coincidentally I got an e-mail from Anna earlier this week in which she talks about listening to the Santa Esmeralda version of "Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood", and how much that song reminds her of the past. Same for me with these three songs.

"Heart of Glass" really recalls the early days of the Luv-A-Fair: me (the Empress of China – a title conferred on me by Paul W (renowned videographer) and Ken F (PW’s best friend and collaborator – eventual suicide) of the Main Street Gang, they even gave me a crown), My Great Friend Rob H, Anna and Jim, Steven and Marie and John-O, Craig and Adele and Pat, Tracy and Brad, and Greg, and the Main Street Gang, and Adrian, the roller skating waiter.  The Luv-A-Fair was there until a few years ago when it was torn down and condos were built on the site.

Too bad that the disc one isn’t there, because it started with "Saturday Night" by the Bay City Rollers (who, my then friend Eileen was convinced, were virgins (!)), went on to "It’s a Sunshine Day" by the Brady Bunch, and then through Donny Osmond , the Jackson 5, Boney M, and Terry Jacks to "Midnight Train to Georgia" by Gladys Knight and the Pips. Disc one sounds like it would be a veritable box of assorted delights.

That said, disc two was worth the $2.00 price: from Shaun Cassidy and Eric Carmen through to Gary Wright. Whoa, I’d forgotten most of these songs.

So, to recap: Chocolate in the morning, and 70s disco tunes in the afternoon. Could you find a more brilliant way to make a nasty gray and stormy day better? Maybe you could, but this way was pretty good.

~ by thiscassandra on Thursday 22 March 2007.

2 Responses to “Heart of Looking Glass and the Empress of China”

  1. How profound, I only read this right now after hearing part of S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y (night) from the BCR now licensed in a mr peanut (U.S.) commercial just tonight…

  2. You know there was another reference: the day I got the 70s music disc George, on the Hour was talking about BCR and Saturday Night. Everything comes in threes.

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