January 2007: Index of Posts

In My Head


TV of Non-Colour


Virtual Spring

That Flight: Snotboy and Lovergirl

Ducks Two (Limited): Daisy Dabbles in the On-Line Dating Drainage Ditch

At the Dance

Sharing Discomfort

Excuse My Boas

Vivian, In the Conservatory, With the Ladder

Head Like A Watermelon

Small Dates & Food for Thought

Margaux and Rime With JClaire

Sock Monk/Eeyore

How Many Monkeys?

Por Que

Unambiguous Fortune


That’s St. John, Not St. John’s

It’s Its and They’re Their Sound-Alikes

Another Dump of Snow, and The Swan Song of V Rupert Gumbear

Alef Dalet Chet

I Resolve, But With No Resolution, and Heart of the World

Sleepin’ With My ***** On

Not Only On the Plain!

Wind Whistling

Time Outside

Still a Li’l Ill and Where Nothing Matters

Pretty Vacant

Gravol and Gummy Worms

~ by thiscassandra on Wednesday 31 January 2007.

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