In my quest for simplification I am shedding stuff. This week it’s the 25 foot long 25 pin extension cable. In 1994 or thereabouts I designed a system that took a signal to and from the Mac through this 25 foot long 25 pin extension cable, to and from a switch box, then through two other (short) cables to and from the printer and to and from the modem. I was actually able to make it work.

Life used to be so complicated. Now life is much, much simpler. Wireless is good.

I posted this 25 foot long 25 pin extension cable on a Freecycle list, and someone has actually replied that they want that 25 foot long 25 pin extension cable. I admit that I find this difficult to believe, after all, do computers even still have parallel ports?

I have a few venues for giving stuff away: putting stuff out in the lane – chairs, shoes, boots, clothing, a lamp, a toaster, a toaster oven; and posting on the Freecycle list and craigslist – a washer, a dryer, a small fridge, a George Forman grill, some unused art supplies, colourful seasonal lights, a backpack; the bunny bucket; two ancient TVs; fish and aquarium plants. Sometimes it isn’t easy to arrange for people to come take this stuff away, and it seems that giving stuff away is complicating, rather than simplifying, my life.

Eventually all the unused stuff is sure to be gone, and life is sure to be simple.

Fortunes from yesterday:

"Desires that are not extravagant will be granted." and "Follow your instincts, they are valid."

I’m not sure I know what they’re talking about, but I suspect these fortunes are about growing simplicity.

~ by thiscassandra on Tuesday 30 January 2007.

2 Responses to “Simplification”

  1. A couple of times a year I used to put out those sorts of things on the street and was always surprised how swiftly they would disappear. As the neighbourhood has gentrified it seems to take longer.

  2. Yeah, it’s one of the advantages of living in or near a poor area.
    see you

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